zakk & mb’s house | 2O18

Project : zakk & mb’s
Type : private residence
Location : binh thanh, hcmc, vietnam.
Site area : 72 sqm
Architects in charge : Nguyen Hong Quan / Doan Si Nguyen / Le Dinh Manh / Tran Van Nam / Tran Thanh Xuan / Chau Thuy Phuong Anh.
Status : completed project
Photographs: Quang Tran.
Zakk & MB’s House is a renovation project located in a typical residential area of Binh Thanh district,
HCMC. Its status quo has a 4X18 m 2 site, 4 stories, and was constructed in 15 years ago with a very
particular style of Vietnamese narrow house. The existing stair system divided the house into 2 parts:
front and back where placed different functions. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on 2 passive design
factors: natural lighting and ventilation.
This aims to recreate a better living space for a new young couple and their two dogs. With different
house owners, the new functions of the house are much simpler and more efficient. We proposed a
gentle and economic change: replacing all concrete walls around stair system with a transparent metal
boundary with bamboo pattern. This way increases connection between the front and the back spaces.
Maximizing the open door frames in the façade brings more natural lighting into the house. Because of
the U-shaped stair system, it reduces vertical lighting into the house. Therefore, we create a natural
lighting void in the back of the house. This void brings vertical lighting to a small garden on the second
The signature of this solution is the void in the back of the house. It changes existing dark closed rooms
into bright and lively spaces, in the meantime, it solves the ventilation and lighting matters of the house.